Sunday, April 14, 2013

Special Needs Group launches cruise portal

By Kate Rice
The Special Needs Group (SNG) has upgraded its web portal to provide information about cruise ship accessibility.

Norwegian Cruise Line is its launch partner, but throughout the year SNG said it will add cruise lines until all ships with accessible features in the North American market have been included.

"Part of our corporate responsibility includes educating travel professionals, as well as the traveling public, about how the freedom of travel is more readily available now than ever before," said Andrew Garnett, CEO of the Special Needs Group.

Garnett said that making non-commercial information about accessible travel can help spread the word about it.

The new information follows other information SNG has introduced for travel agents so far this year, including the Ship Accessibility Checklist, Mobility Scooter/Power Chair Etiquette and Scooter/Power Chair Dos and Don’ts.

These can be found on the agent section of Special Needs Group website,

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