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Better Putting Can Lower Your Golf Score: by John Duncan

I am sure you are aware that most people have a habitual routine they follow prior to an action that requires care and judgment. A wonderful case in point of this is watching someone serve in the game of tennis, you see all sorts of astonishing differences in the routine prior to the action, many of which are so funny you have difficulty controlling your laughter.
People tend to have a pre action routine when playing golf too. Most have a slightly unique one for the drive, the iron shot, the chip and of course the putt.
In this specific article, I want to talk about a pre putt routine that has proved to be very useful in heightening your understanding of speed, distance and slope during the golf putt.
I am sure you are aware that if, for instance, the grass slopes from right to left, if you hit the ball harder that slope will have less effect in deviating the ball from it's path. Conversely, if you hit a slower shot the ball will be effected much more.
If you ask a golfer why he or she has a particular pre putt routine, they generally can't give a good answer.
I would like to make a proposal for a pre putt routine that will positively enhance your putting performance. This is a confirmed method that will deliver more reliability with your golf putt than you have known up until now.
First, count your steps as you walk from the hole to your ball. Continue past your ball and still counting, walk the same distance again away from the ball but in line with the hole. Hopefully there is no water hazard just there.
When you turn and look back you'll see the ball is halfway to the hole. You can get a better idea of slope to right or to left between the ball and the hole from there as well. When you walk back to the ball, your mind will get an acute sense of that distance, as this is the THIRD time you have walked it.
Now when you stand over the ball and look again, the golf putt will appear easy. Your perception of distance and slope, and therefore how hard you need to hit, is greatly improved.
Bring your focus back to the ball and make your stroke. As always, remember the golden rule of the golf putt: the ball must travel BEYOND the hole. A ball that stops rolling before the hole will NEVER go in.
Try this routine next time you play and hopefully the improvement in your golf putt will help your score.

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